Motoya Caverns

Jeremy Rabus builds compositions by layering intuitive gestures and vibrant areas of color. Rabus’s paintings embrace both high culture and pop culture, merging intensive study of color relations and theory with an appreciation for video games, cartoons, and nostalgia. Echoes of childhood memories reveal themselves in high-contrast, intense, even jarring color relationships, reminiscent of the archaic graphics of early video games. Rabus is preoccupied with the role of circumstance and unpredictability in shaping one’s life. He examines these themes through his painting process — improvising compositions by laying down colors in reaction to previous layers, letting each artistic decision be informed by the ones before. Each painting is a record of the struggle to create balance and harmony from a constantly shifting visual environment.

Jeremy Rabus is an artist currently living and working in St. Louis, MO. He received a BFA in Painting from Southern Illinois University in 2004. He has exhibited across the region in venues such as Jamie Brooks Fine Art (Costa Mesa, CA), Front/Space (Kansas City, MO), Hoffman LaChance Contemporary (St. Louis, MO), Mad Art Gallery (St. Louis, MO), Snowflake/City Stock (St. Louis, MO), Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts (St. Louis, MO), the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, and the Ethical Society of St. Louis. In December 2013, he exhibited with Hoffman LaChance Contemporary at Aqua Art Miami, an international art fair. Rabus is represented by Hoffman LaChance Contemporary and Jamie Brooks Fine Art. He is an educator as well as an artist, teaching classes and workshops in color theory and painting.